Agile and Resilient Organization Design

29 Dec No Comments Shama Patel Change

Designing an organization that is both agile and resilient can be very challenging as leaders grapple with a number of complex considerations including: should I set up autonomous functional units versus establishing centers of excellence? should I go deep with industry focused units or get broad with geography based units?

Unleashing the Power of Visualization

3 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Change

Visualization, the power of creating a new reality devoid of the constraints of the past, requires us to look beyond the horizon and dig deep into our conscience. It’s a critical component of strategy development that helps materialize break through thinking and enlist large groups towards a common vision. Despite

Targeted Promotions – Case Study

12 Dec No Comments Shama Patel Change, Strategy

A major retailer’s strategic intent was to move towards a more digitized and personalized engagement with members. There was an aggressive push to drive customers to addressable, targeted digital channels while over 90% of revenues came from in-store foot traffic.The situation was further complicated by the extreme focus on physical

Overcoming Decision Making Paralysis

18 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Strategy

Managers often avoid the responsibility of making decisions or let their personal biases influence the decisions to the detriment of the company. This makes it difficult for leaders committed to driving change to move the agenda forward. Here are some thoughts on how they can overcome the “no decision/poor decision” dilemma.

Sustaining Momentum to Drive Change

25 Feb No Comments Shama Patel Change

“We have lost momentum!” These our words that chill the hearts of committed change leaders. They understand that momentum is critical to the success of a change program. It embodies an inherent force that propels teams into action and a positive energy that miraculously creates more momentum. Every change program

Being in Charge vs. Taking Charge

4 Feb No Comments Shama Patel Leadership

What is it about leaders that when the going gets tough they get tougher? When the company is foundering, shareholders are upset, employees are confused and customers are fleeing so many leaders hunker down and take over the action – as if a rush of action-ites is what’s needed to steady

Planning for Growth – Case Study

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The client was experiencing significant growth and had established a strong brand presence and reputation for high quality of service. The business environment, though healthy, was subject to significant swings caused by fluctuations in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies. The client asked us to develop a plan

Internationalization Strategy – Case Study

12 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Strategy

The client had a pressing need to expand and grow. Upon evaluating a number of growth opportunities, it was determined that providing higher education opportunities to international students would complement the clients existing US service offerings. The situation was complicated by the lack of experience in working with international students and

Establishing a Change Agenda – Case Study

12 Aug No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Change

The company planned to invest $100M in replacing obsolescent technology. Upon analysis, it was discovered another $150M would be required to meet the necessary objectives. Business leaders were at a cross-roads and a thorough analysis was required to determine next steps and re-establish the program on the right footing. The situation

Strategic Planning – Case Study

10 Jun No Comments Shama Patel Change, Efficiency

The client was embarking on an annual strategic planning exercise and realized that the existing IT organization and system was seriously constrained in its ability to launch new services in a timely manner without considerable manual intervention. There was a risk the client would be perceived as unresponsive to the

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