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Any efficiency drive requires a mind-set that is open to change. We help leaders change the internal dialogue from “already tried it, will not work” to “what can I do, how can we move forward”.  Teams learn to shift from “why can’t they fix it”, “when will management get us the resources” towards “what can be done” and “how should we do it”. Leaders look beyond existing processes and mind-sets to drive the necessary change.
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Sense of Urgency

We help leaders develop a clarity of purpose and create a well articulated and quantifiable reason for driving efficiency. Creating a sense of urgency, grounded in reality, is a critical component of any efficiency drive. We help:

  • quantify and qualify need
  • understand risks and constraints
  • evaluate organization and cultural norms

Securing Buy-In

Since no change is possible without active participation of other people, we help build guiding coalitions that drive the change agenda and design negotiating strategies to address cross-functional conflict. We help:

  • analyze the political agenda
  • develop negotiating strategies
  • establishing a guiding coalition

Process Improvement

We help leaders and teams shift from a “we need to know the entire process before we can change” towards driving iterative efficiency with a focus on value delivery early and often, innovation and team work. We help:

  • map capabilities
  • drive deeper understanding
  • heat-map priorities
  • design new processes
  • facilitate adoption
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