Communication workshop participants develop a forward looking, problem solving mindset  that helps them communicate to drive teams to success. The workshops are highly interactive using real world problems and role playing to demonstrate simple techniques that can be used in multiple situations.  While the workshops are founded on established frameworks, they are free of jargon and theory. Each workshops is tailored to drive a specific change or behavior.  Examples of workshops include:

Unleash the Power of the Written Word

During this workshop we will explore how best to communicate in the absence of face-to-face interaction using email, notes, or other written expression.  This is not an English Writing 101 class J, this is an interactive workshop that will explore the distinctions of writing for impact and understanding.  Some of the principles include:

  1. Responding to emails clearly and concisely addressing the question asked and the motivation behind it
  2. Recognizing the role of “emotions” in written communications and how best to manage them
  3. Knowing which written communication/email to skip and how to skip it without harming the relationship
  4. Using written communication to engage and relate to others in a powerful way that is not possible with face-to-face interaction

Empowered and Enabled to Ask Why

During this workshop we will explore the shift from the “black and white” world of doing a task well to the “grey” world of understanding the intent behind the task and the implications it has for our professional growth and our business.  Using role plays and other interactive techniques, some of the principles we will learn include:

  1. Identifying what “stops” us from questioning authority and asking – “why something is done the way it is”
  2. Defining ways in which we can ask questions without fear – to get a deeper understanding and grow personally and professionally
  3. “Owning” the question and driving the change

Non-Verbal Communications – Power without Words

This is an interactive workshop that explores non-verbal communications and the power they wield in our day to day interactions and influence our inter-personal relationships and ability to get things done.  Using interactive methods and role plays we will:

  1. Learn to tune into non-verbal cues
  2. Unleash the power of listening for the unspoken
  3. Discover our own body language and the signals it sends
  4. Explore ways to manage our reaction in uncomfortable situations

We are What we Say

During this workshop we will explore how our internal dialogue (living in our heads) sabotages our best intentions and undermines our confidence. We will learn the power of language – what we say and how we say it – and the difference it makes in enrolling and engaging others. Through interactive dialogue we will:

  1. Manage our “inner voice” and the constant chatter in our head
  2. Learn the power of positive language and how it lifts our game
  3. Explore words that build and those that destroy – and when to use them
  4. Build our confidence by practicing “power language”


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