Leadership workshop participants develop a forward looking, problem solving mindset  that helps them  influence and manage their superiors, staff, clients and above all, themselves. The workshops are highly interactive using real world problems and role playing to demonstrate simple techniques that can be used in multiple situations.  While the workshops are founded on established frameworks, they are free of jargon and theory. Each workshops is tailored to drive a specific change or behavior.  Examples of workshops include:

Negotiate with Power

During these workshops we will explore a principle driven framework that leads to win-win solutions and prevents us from locking into a position that we cannot maneuver out of.  Using interactive methods and role plays we will:

  1. Differentiate between principled and positional negotiating
  2. Develop a framework to identify interests, positions and problems before solving
  3. Invent creative, unexpected options for mutual gain
  4. Learn to separate people from the problem
  5. Recognize pitfalls of rigid positions and how to exit from them
  6. Understand our own mental models that sabotage our intent

Break Habits

During this workshop we will explore the mechanics of how habits are formed and explore strategies to break or transform habits that no longer serve our purpose.  Using interactive methods we will:

  1. Understand why habits are hard to change or break
  2. Explore hidden motivations that prevent us from giving up on things that are “bad” for us
  3. Explore the power of visualization to create strong motivation
  4. Realize the power of “language” in creating a world full of new possibility

Co-Create a Shared Purpose

Research shows that successful people have a strong sense of their purpose/mission in life and a relentless drive to realize that purpose. During this workshops we will harness our individual drive and co-create a shared purpose. We will use visualization techniques to make the purpose come alive in a way that we can touch and feel it, propelling us to action.  Using structured exercises we will:

  1. Explore “power words” that define our purpose and strategic direction
  2. Co-create our shared purpose as a livable mission and set of values
  3.  Articulate our purpose to spur others into action
  4. Assess organization alignment with our purpose/mission/values
  5. Establish an organizati0onal path forward to live our shared purpose
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