We live in a time of unprecedented change. Leaders are grappling with an economic downturn, not experienced by current generations, and its impact on their companies and personal lives. Drive Change helps leaders drive change from ideation through implementation, using methods and frameworks that bring transparency to a process that often emphasizes individual charisma and intuition.

Who is the audience?

Services are designed for executives who strive to transform their organization into industry leaders and drive change programs.A change program could result from process modification, introduction of new technology, response to market forces, merger or acquisition, promotions, lateral moves, organizational re-alignment, etc. If you are currently engaged or preparing for change, Drive Change can help.

How do we work?

Organizational skills are developed through structured methods, frameworks and mentoring. Projects are usually staffed with 1-2 skilled practitioners working closely with management and team members. The goal is to leave behind as much learning as possible and de-mystify practices. We lead the engagement or serve as coaches and mentors. Many engagements are completed in 4-6 week timeframes.

Shama Patel, Drive Changes’ founder is engaged on all projects and draws upon the skills and experience of professionals in her networks, as required. See Shama’s background at Profile.

What does a typical engagement look like?

While each engagement is tailored to the client, many are combinations of “out-of-the-box” offerings that allow the client to pick and choose from a range of options. Change is not and cannot be rigid, it requires the ability to think and act fluidly in a dynamic environment. Likewise, our offerings are fluid, yet based on a solid foundation of experience, structure, tools and techniques. We share many of our frameworks to ensure a common understanding of what will be accomplished and how it fits with the client’s objectives.

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