Business management workshops help leaders establish future direction in an engaging, collaborative environment that allows all stakeholders to voice their perspectives and resolve conflict in the best interest of the team. The workshops are highly customized and can range from traditional strategic planning to complex problem solving for a specific business need. The emphasis is on clearly defining the problem and co-creating the desired outcome everyone is committed to pursuing.

Road to the Future: Creating Sticky Plans

Strategic planning and road map development is best done in collaborative sessions where participants push the boundaries of their own thinking and where open dialogue is fostered and conflict surfaced. During these workshops we will:

  1. Develop our strategic direction
  2. Understand constraints, risks and opportunities of the choices we are proposing
  3. Surface stakeholder perspectives and bring out points of alignment
  4. Develop a forward looking, pragmatic road map for the future

Agile and Boundary Less Organizations

High performing organizations demonstrate both structural coherence and agility. During this workshop, we will learn how to construct a boundary less organization that can be rapidly deployed towards a shared objective. We will:

  1. Understand our organizational barriers to success
  2. Separate function/purpose from personality in organization design
  3. Explore the challenges with highly matrixed organizations
  4. Define the boundaries that matter – authority, task, political and identity
  5. Learn to leverage informal and formal networks
  6. Develop an awareness of the role feelings play

Conflict to Convergence: Managing Stakeholders

Misaligned goals and conflict are inevitable in any relationship. During this workshop we will explore ways to drive organizational alignment while understanding individual and team bias. We will learn to:

  1. Identify attractors and detractors and their motivations
  2. Establish governance and decision rights to resolve conflict
  3. Manage the boundaries that matter
  4. Practice difficult conversations


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