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Change is introduced constantly in the business, either due to economic conditions, competitive action, technology, or other market forces. Change Leadership is about mobilizing the organization around a common agenda, skillfully navigating the political land mines, and maintaining course through conflict and more change.
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Change Agenda

We help identify opportunities for measurable improvement within four spheres of influence – strategy, people, process, and technology and develop a change plan recognizing cultural and other constraints within the organization. We help:

  • develop proactive thinker
  • articulate change agenda
  • create a sense of urgency
  • analyze environmental uncertainties
  • design a change plan
  • identify short-term wins

Securing Buy-In

Since no change is possible without the active participation of other people, we help build guiding coalitions for the change agenda and design negotiating strategies to develop and maintain support. We help:

  • analyze individual agendas
  • design negotiating strategies
  • establish a guiding coalition

Sustaining Momentum

We help leaders establish processes and protocols to mobilize and cascade change across the organization and to empower and enable individuals into action to anchor new approaches into the culture and remain politically agile. We help:

  • acquire and allocate resources
  • establish communication protocols
  • enable change agents
  • align shifting priorities
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