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Leadership is fundamentally about exerting social and material influence to enroll and enlist others to drive change. Many organizations operate under the premise that a leader guides or directs others, emphasizing managing over leading, creating a culture of “followers”. Progressive and innovative organizations cultivate the leadership potential inherent in all their people and are careful to distinguish between managing and leading.
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Exerting Influence

We help leaders identify underlying motivators that influence behaviors and be aware of their own mind blocks, allowing them to create new possibilities and listen in a way that enrolls and engages others. We help:

  • engage stakeholders
  • break through mental models
  • listen actively
  • project soft power

Personal Branding

We help leaders define their own unique and compelling brand that inspires and motivates them and taps into their passion helping them and their teams break through the morass of everyday corporate life. We help with:

  • mentor and coach leaders
  • cultivate principled leadership
  • design a personal brand
  • overcome organizational conflict
  • evaluate new opportunities


We help leaders visualize alternate futures unconstrained by the present and create a future based language that enrolls and engages others in a way that the organization is propelled to take action. We help:

  • co-create a shared purpose
  • unleash power of language
  • visualize the future
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