12 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Strategy

The client had a pressing need to expand and grow. Upon evaluating a number of growth opportunities, it was determined that providing higher education opportunities to international students would complement the clients existing US service offerings. The situation was complicated by the lack of experience in working with international students and concerns around integrating students with diverse cultural and language backgrounds in a foreign setting. Additionally, it was unclear which countries to target and what educational services to offer. There were also significant concerns around mission alignment, price sensitivity, and conflict with the current sales and servicing channels.

Approach and Solution

We developed a stair-step approach that addressed each of the concerns in a methodical manner. After completing a worldwide assessment, three countries were identified as the best candidates for further analyses. For each of these countries, a deeper analysis of social, cultural, economic, political and customer motivations was completed to help design potential service offerings and programs. The program concepts were validated by an on-the-ground/in-country analysis which included interviews, surveys and focus groups of over 300 constituents. All the information was compiled to help management determine the best path forward. Three program concepts were accepted and detailed business plans were developed including revenue projections, investment required and itemized costs.

Value Delivered

  • Identified over $200M in growth opportunity over 10 years
  • Developed business case to help executive decision making
  • Scoped pilots and next steps