12 Oct No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Strategy

The client was experiencing significant growth and had established a strong brand presence and reputation for high quality of service. The business environment, though healthy, was subject to significant swings caused by fluctuations in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies. The client asked us to develop a plan for growth that leveraged their core strength while developing new markets. The situation was further complicated by economic circumstances in 2009. The client’s focus was on providing a high quality product. Tight credit, limited discretionary consumer spend and the general economic slowdown made for a complex environment to plan for growth. A high degree of confidence was required before any investment decision was made.

Approach and Solution

Keeping in mind the economic and organizational environment, our approach was highly conservative and methodical and emphasized due diligence over an extended period of time, allowing for reaction time and full engagement by decision makers. Multiple go/no-go decision points were established. Additionally, we used the full suite of tools and techniques for executive decision making including attribute-hierarchy modeling and decision trees. Our business plan included business strategy, market strategy, operating strategy, financial model, and investment plans.

Value Delivered

  • Prioritized over 14 growth opportunities and agreed on 2 for further research
  • Assessed competition
  • Mapped business capability to growth opportunities operational considerations
  • Gained board approval to assess top-two opportunities