Targeted Promotions – Case Study

12 Dec No Comments Shama Patel Change, Strategy

A major retailer’s strategic intent was to move towards a more digitized and personalized engagement with members. There was an aggressive push to drive customers to addressable, targeted digital channels while over 90% of revenues came from in-store foot traffic.The situation was further complicated by the extreme focus on physical

Overcoming Decision Making Paralysis

18 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Strategy

Managers often avoid the responsibility of making decisions or let their personal biases influence the decisions to the detriment of the company. This makes it difficult for leaders committed to driving change to move the agenda forward. Here are some thoughts on how they can overcome the “no decision/poor decision” dilemma.

Planning for Growth – Case Study

12 Oct No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Strategy

The client was experiencing significant growth and had established a strong brand presence and reputation for high quality of service. The business environment, though healthy, was subject to significant swings caused by fluctuations in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies. The client asked us to develop a plan

Internationalization Strategy – Case Study

12 Mar No Comments Shama Patel Case Studies, Strategy

The client had a pressing need to expand and grow. Upon evaluating a number of growth opportunities, it was determined that providing higher education opportunities to international students would complement the clients existing US service offerings. The situation was complicated by the lack of experience in working with international students and

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