10 Jun No Comments Shama Patel Change, Efficiency

The client was embarking on an annual strategic planning exercise and realized that the existing IT organization and system was seriously constrained in its ability to launch new services in a timely manner without considerable manual intervention. There was a risk the client would be perceived as unresponsive to the consumer. We were asked to assess the IT organization and develop a plan for a revised application development portfolio. The situation was further complicated by significant growth in the business. Relationships between the business and IT were constrained and in some cases openly hostile.

Approach and Solution

Conducted an organizational assessment of the IT department. Made recommendations to overhaul and reorganize the department. Evaluated entire IT spend and introduced off-shore application development. Engaged the business to re-establish relationship with IT and developed a joint business IT investment plan.

Value Delivered

  • Helped recruit IT Leader
  • Reduced IT operating spend through off-shore application development and stopped unnecessary investment in technology
  • Developed and presented an IT Strategic Plan to invest in marketing and operational systems; accepted by the Board of Directors