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    Today’s leaders grapple with economic changes, technological innovations and generational mindsets. Establishing a clear path forward requires inspiration and action.

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    Developing tomorrow’s leaders today is critical for progressive organizations that need executives who are innovative and flexible while being thoughtful and thorough.

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    More leadership than management, more listening than talking. These are the foundational elements of driving sustainable organizational change that inspires.

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    Fine-tuning resources and organizations requires expertise, grace and ease. Leaders are constantly challenged to do more with less while building high performing teams.

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    About Shama Patel

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    My mission is to unleash the power within leaders to drive sustainable change by helping them draw upon their inherent logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to explore unchartered waters and deliver breakthrough outcomes.

    I launched Drive Change after gaining many years of strategy and operational experience with major consulting firms, large corporations and small for-profit and non-profit organizations. Working with teams at all levels, across business ecosystems, I learned the dynamics of managing large scale change while exerting power through influence. These experiences deeply affected my work as a balance between “aspiration and pragmatism”, “idealism and realism”.

    I operate in the United States and Europe and am passionate about exploring the trajectory of human development and its implications for our collective future in a digital world. I also love to travel and write photo-stories in search of fresh insights and inspiration (My Photo Stories).

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